Metasploit Tutorial : Set up ~ 1

Setting up VirtualBox

Okay, so the first thing we’re gonna do is set up VirtualBox. Virtualbox is a virtualization software that allows you to run multiple operating systems on a computer without dual booting. We’ll be using it to run an operating system called metasploitable on it. Metasploitable is an operating system that was built to be a training ground for people using Metasploit. You may launch as many attacks on this server because it’s in a virtualized environment so it’s safe 🙂


Plan A


  • Now to download VirtualBox please input this command into your terminal
  • sudo apt-get install VirtualBox-5.2
  • That should install virtualbox. If it doesn’t work please input this command to see your choices
  • sudo apt-cache search VirtualBox
  • Your screen should look like the picture below. choose one of the virtualbox versions at the bottom and enter it like such: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-<version number>
  • type VirtualBox to start it 🙂

Screenshot from 2018-12-30 01-42-00


Plan B

  • If that way doesn’t work please go to this website to download the file. Extract the file in your DESKTOP. Then run this command
  • cd Desktop/VirtualBox/usr/bin; ./virtualbox;
  • This should start up VirtualBox
  • That should work. If not consult youtube videos 🙂

Download metasploitable

Follow the pictures

  • Once you start up VirtualBox you will see this interface. Click new and you should be able to follow along with the pictures below 🙂


  • Make sure to choose Other Linux (64-bit). If you want to you can try debian as well but make sure it’s 64 bit 🙂


  • You don’t need that much ram since it’s such a small operating system and because there won’t be any memory taxing programs


  • Click the Use an exising virtual hard disk file. Click the folder button near the cancel button and browser your folder for the metasploitable folder that you decompressed. Once you are there click on the file that has a .vmdk at the end of it.

Screenshot from 2018-12-30 02-19-20

Once that is done left click on the image as shown then go to setting and changed the network setting to bridge. You change it to bridge so that it can get an ip address like a real computer on your network to make the simulation more realistic. Do not do this on a public wifi by the way. Only at your house 🙂

network settings


Running Metasploitable

  • Inside virtualbox double click on the virtualbox image you created to start up metasploitable
  • Once that is done you have successfully started it up the picture  below is what it should look like

Screenshot from 2018-12-30 01-38-05

Setting up Kali Linux

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